People hire private investigators for several reasons, but most commonly to investigate the background of a person or company. Investigators will look for indiscretions, criminal activity, and other signs of misconduct to protect the client’s interests. 

They also verify facts such as employment history, education, and references. Once a licensed private investigator has gathered all of the information they need, they will compile it into a report delivered to their client. 

Here are some occasions in which you may need the services of private investigators. 


When looking into your spouse or partner’s past, one joint investigation is a divorce investigation. A client may hire an investigator to get proof of infidelity, abuse, or other problems to have a stronger case during divorce proceedings. 

Private detectives may follow their target around and take pictures or videos of them with different people or in different places. They may also talk with their friends and family about their relationship with the client’s spouse.

Hiring an investigator can be helpful in custody cases as well. For example, if someone has trouble getting visitation rights from another parent, hiring a private investigator can help gather evidence supporting their argument for visitation rights. 

You can then present this evidence to the judge during a court hearing.

Background Checks

Background checks are performed to provide employers with information about whether or not a candidate is suitable for the job. Whether or not to hire an applicant is usually based on the information collected during this process. 

The purpose of a background check is to confirm that all statements made by the applicant are accurate and truthful.

You can conduct background checks on potential employees before they begin work to determine who they say they are and have any criminal record. 

They can also be conducted after employment has commenced verifying that an employee has not lied during their application process.

Background checks can also be requested without a specific reason as part of a routine review of company policies.

The reasons for performing a background check include:

1) To confirm identity;

2) To determine if an applicant has any criminal convictions or driving offenses;

3) To determine if the information provided in their application is accurate;

4) To prevent employees from making false claims about their background;

5) To uncover any information that could affect an employee’s performance on the job; and

6) To ensure that employees do not have any affiliations that could bring the company into disrepute.

Missing Persons

When you or a loved one goes missing, the police are not always the best people to call. They are often accommodating, but they are also limited by jurisdiction and other factors. 

A private investigator can be hired to look into the disappearance of a person, whether it is a teenager from their home or an adult from work.

Families hire private investigators for any number of reasons when someone is missing. Perhaps that person was last seen with a questionable character; if so, the investigator will look into that person’s background and social contacts to determine where the missing person may be. 

Suppose a person goes missing during an argument with their spouse or partner, for example. In that case, there may be more information to be gained from looking into the spouse or partner’s background than from investigating the disappearance.

Bottom Line

A professional private investigator will effectively assess the situation and conduct a comprehensive investigation. 

A qualified private investigator will promptly find the truth, without bias and without breaking any laws.

A good private investigator will do everything they can to get you the information you need and to help ensure that the results are used effectively in court if necessary.