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Child Custody Investigatiors IN AZ

Are you navigating the turbulent waters of a custody dispute and feeling overwhelmed? Urban Spy specializes in Child Custody Investigations and is your trusted ally in gathering evidence to assist you in securing the welfare of your children. With a focus on providing court admissible evidence, we stand by side-by-side with attorneys, parents, and grandparents to develop a strategic investigative approach guided by the principle of the child’s best interest.  In the eyes of the law, nothing is more important than the well-being of your child. Our child custody investigation services are designed to bring forth transparency and substance to your case, highlighting facts and evidence that speak directly to the court’s determination of what serves the child’s best interest.

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Defending Your Child's Best Interests in Custody Disputes

Every family situation is unique. That’s why our methods are as diverse and dynamic as the families we assist. From surveillance to interviewing witnesses, Urban Spy is adept at uncovering the truth behind a contentious custody battle. Whether it’s presenting clear evidence of a parent’s inability to provide proper care or showcasing violations of custody arrangements, we’re dedicated to compiling a comprehensive narrative for your case that courts can rely upon.

Real-Life Success Stories

Hear from those who’ve entrusted us with the utmost responsibility – safeguarding their family’s future:

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Why Choose Urban Spy for Child Custody Investigations.

Expert Strategies

Our tailor-made investigative plan incorporates collaboration with you and your legal team to deliver impactful results.


We gather concrete proof of violations against court orders and other factors indicating parental unfitness.

Courtroom Ready

The evidence we provide is meticulously documented for admissibility in legal proceedings, solidifying your stance.

Client Success Stories

Our track record includes pivotal support for biological, foster and adoptive parents, ensuring that custody decisions prioritize the child’s safety and happiness.

Don't Leave Your Child's Future to Chance

Our expertise, dedication to the truth, and a compassionate understanding of your situation sets us apart. Contact Urban Spy today at 480-886-1839 and ensure that when it comes to making decisions about your child’s custody, the court has all the facts.