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Urban Spy Investigations is excited to be partnering with Mission K9 Rescue to help provide military and other working dogs with the medical care and reunification they need. Urban Spy has a very personal connection to the Mission of this Organization.  Jason Brown, the founder of Urban Spy is a US Army Combat Veteran.  While deployed in Iraq Jason came across a local stray dog, a mixed rottweiler. This Dog followed Jason everywhere. Sadly, this all changed when Jason was injured in combat and immediately flown to Frankfurt for medical care.  Jason woke up at a hospital to the tragic realization that “Dog” was now alone, left behind in an Iraqi battle zone to fend for himself.  Despite reaching out to the command, the request for support to retrieve “Dog” was denied. (Jason later was informed that “Dog” had adopted another soldier and was living happily with his new friend.)

Jason’s story is one of many that demonstrates the deep bond between the military service member and their animal companions that are left behind in an uncertain future.   What many people don’t know is that when Military Working Dogs retire from service, without proper care and attention, many MWDs end up in shelters or are put down. These are loyal, well-trained loving animals that provide invaluable service.  Military working dogs actually outrank their handlers, yet, when it’s time to retire after 6-10 years of service there are no VA or other benefits to ensure their safety, health, and comfort.

Urban Spy is honored to support Mission K9 Rescue,, an organization that is dedicated to giving these heroes the appreciation and retirement they deserve by proving the facilities, welfare, medical needs, and reunification of working dogs with their handlers or a loving owner.

If you’re an animal lover or a veteran yourself, please join the team at Urban Spy Investigations in supporting Mission K9 Rescue.  Through your donations, social media likes, and shares, you can help us to spread the word about Mission K9 Rescue and the meaningful, lasting impact this organization has on so many animal heroes that have dedicated their lives to service and support.  Working together we can provide the support and assistance they need and deserve.  Your donation can make a difference in the lives of these animals, so please consider donating today.

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