Garbology: Uncovering the Dirty Secrets of Investigations

Garbology: Uncovering the Dirty Secrets of Investigations 1024 683 Urban Spy, Scottsdale Arizona

Have you ever heard of garbology?

It’s a unique investigative tool that is often used by law enforcement and private investigators to uncover hidden secrets. Garbology is the practice of investigating discarded materials in order to gain intelligence for investigations. People tend to recycle, but they often leave behind valuable clues such as notes, documents, and other items that can be used in investigations.

In most states, if garbage is put out on the street it is considered public domain. So, let’s delve into what garbology can do for your investigation.

U.S. Supreme Court Decision in 1988, California vs Greenwood, found that garbage was public domain when left in the ‘outside curtilage’ of a home or property, i.e., meaning that those placing trash by the curb have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Some states and cities have passed local ordinances that make trash picking illegal. 

What Can Garbology Do For Your Investigation? 

Garbology can help investigators uncover evidence that may otherwise remain hidden from traditional surveillance methods. It helps in cases such as fraud, infidelity, identity theft, and burglary, among others. By sifting through discarded materials and collecting any potential evidence or clues that could lead to more information or a suspect, investigators are able to use garbology as an investigative tool to further their case. Additionally, garbology has been known to help in successful prosecutions because it has been used to collect evidence that incriminates suspects or criminals who have thought they had gotten away with their crime scot-free!

Garbology is an invaluable tool for any investigator looking to uncover secrets quickly and efficiently while staying within legal bounds. By simply sifting through someone’s discarded items, investigators can gain insight into their subject’s activities and habits without having to resort to more intrusive methods like surveillance or interviews. With garbology, there’s no need for expensive equipment or additional legwork; all you must do is take advantage of what your target has already thrown away! So next time you need answers fast, don’t forget about garbology! It just might be the key you need for success!

Before you head out to collect some evidence you may want to:

  1. Check your local ordinances and know the laws/rules before making the trip.
  1. Create a great backstory, in case someone questions why you are digging in garbage.
  1. Grab a large heavy bag to place garbage for traveling, you don’t want smell and the collected bags may leak.
  1. Gloves and Mask, It’s a smelly dirty job.
  1. Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner, wash your hands…. wash your hands.
  1. Take lots of photos, with the garbage container including a wide shot of the street and the evidence you collected.
  1. Log evidence, to protect your chain of evidence.

Garbology is a reliable and efficient tool for investigators to uncover information quickly and effectively. It’s unique in that it gives you access to the activities and habits of someone without needing costly equipment or invasive methods. Simply use what they have already discarded to gain insight into their lives. If you’re running out of options and need information fast, don’t forget about garbology! It just might give you the answers you need without additional legwork or costs. Have you ever heard of or used garbology yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

As a professional investigator, I understand how helpful this technique can be and how important it is for us to learn from each other’s experiences in this field.

Thanks for taking the time to read about it today – I hope it has helped!

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