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Unlock Your Inner Private Investigator. Tips for Mental and Physical Health, Yoga for Private Investigators

Unlock Your Inner Private Investigator. Tips for Mental and Physical Health, Yoga for Private Investigators 850 545 Urban Spy Texas, Odessa Texas

“Let the water settle and you will see the stars and the moon mirrored in your being.” Rumi
As a Private Investigator, I have a hunch that as you are reading right now, you’re most likely sitting down, shoulders slumped, and back slouched. As P.I.’s, most of our jobs involve sitting in the workspace or car, never taking your eyes off the target (or screen). All in order to deliver a job well done to our clients. A job well done for them, but maybe not so much of a job well done to our bodies. Stiffness, back pain, and tension holding shoulders and hips all wreak havoc on our body. Not only does physical tension come with the job, but also emotional tension. Though we are professionals, we can’t help but be affected by certain jobs.

Working for Urban Spy, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, I have begun to understand how taxing the job is to a P.I.’s mental and physical state. I am also a yoga instructor, which has provided me with helpful tools such as yoga asanas and different breathing techniques that helps calm me on the job. It is not always easy, keeping calm is so difficult! But in my heart, I know yoga and meditation are sure-fire ways to help relieve your emotional and physical tension. Both can and will change you, if you let them. Yoga Sutra 2.46, Sthira Sukha Asanam states to, “Find steadiness and ease in your seat”. Another interpretation is “that position which is comfortable and steady.” It is pretty straight forward… or is it? What if as P.I.’s we allow steadiness and ease not only in our workspace, but allow steadiness and ease to become seated in our minds?

Let’s be honest, that is way easier said than done. Steadiness and ease in our bodies and our minds?! Yeah right! With demanding, long hour jobs to stresses in our home life, it seems impossible to quiet our mind and find ease in our tensed body. Not to mention with all of the waiting during surveillance comes all of the thinking. I don’t know about you but it is easy for my mind to wander off into anxieties and pervasive thoughts during some down time. Until I found yoga and meditation, I was constantly overwhelmed with everyday life. I will never forget going to my first yoga class. The freedom from those overwhelming thoughts was a feeling I never thought possible! My body felt lighter, my mind clearer. I told people that somehow, my body felt less emotional. I didn’t know how else to explain it. This feeling made me plunge head first into my first Yoga Teacher Training course. After 6 months of training, I now know how to explain that freedom in my body and mind. This is something I’d love to help all of you Investigators reading this now!

Every week, I will post a blog entry, going over how yoga affects every part of our mind and body. First on the board: our breath.

To begin with this series, I want to start at the most basic level: our breath. Without breath, we cease to exist. It is the foundation of our entire being. Studies show breath is closely linked to the performance of the brain. With our job, we need all the brain power we can get and if we can vastly improve our brain efficiency by better breathing, then it’s a no brainer (pun intended). As life goes on, our physical and emotional states change, and so does our breath to accompany them.

For this first blog post for Urban Spy, we are going to take the time to breathe. At the beginning of my yoga classes, I like to tell my students to give every worry, stress, and anxiety just a small time on the mat. After asking everyone to think on these, I then follow with taking a deep breath. I encourage them to imagine breathing fresh life into their worries. I allow them the time to send this new energy to every space in their body. After filling their lungs comes the exhale. A long and exaggerated exhale, sending out all the worries with it. I find it helps to be loud and audible. It feels real and authentic that way.

Plus, it just feels good. Let us take this time to allow the “water to settle” within your being.

Keep posted we will dive into meditation and how it can help us as Private Investigators to keep a clear mind.

Let me know in the comments below if this has help you!

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